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Nick's current twitter status is...

"House hippo is happily nomming away at his breakfast."

Status: Married Orientation: Straight
Smokes: No Drinks: Yes
About me: Im originally from the UK, but I now live in the US with my beautiful wife. I love music and enjoy playing guitar.
General: I love music, movies, the interweb (lol), and I am passionate about guitar (if you are interested, send me a message and I will link you to some of my guitar recordings).
Music: I love all types of music, especially if it has good guitar :) My favourite artists include Joe Satriani, Jimmy Eat World, Sonata Arctica, Enigma, For My Pain, and many many more!
Movies: Hackers!
Television: Lost, 24, Prison Break, Bottom, Red Dwarf, Game On, Coupling, Jonathan Ross, How I met your mother, Neighbours (sad, I know!)
Books: Not really...
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