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High On Fire have released a brand new song called 'Electric Messiah' which is the title track to their forthcoming album
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Alkaline Trio have released a brand new song called 'Is This Thing Cursed?'.
Carlos Santana has announced dates for an early 2019 residency in Las Vegas, NV
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Local H have announced that they will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic concept album 'Pack Up The Cats'
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Lady Gaga is following in the tradition of her fellow pop stars by going Vegas.
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Back in 2013, we saw Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel go head-to-head. Here's what went down: Jimmy Kimmel spoofed Kanye's interview with Zane Lowe. Kanye got mad, as he's wont to do, and fired off an angry tweet rant, in which he called Kimmel a "manipulative media motherfucker" and hashtagged #NoDisrespectToJimmyKimmel and #AllDisrespectToJimmyKimm...
If you're tired of seeing the same artists on the festival circuit, Tropicália Music & Taco Fest might be for you. This year's festival will take place at Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, California on 11/3 and 11/4. The headliners include Morrissey, Cardi B, Mac Demarco, Mazzy Star, Kali Uchis, and Chicano Batman. They…
Once upon a time there was a comedy metal band called Steel Panther. In an arch hair-metal style comparable to the Darkness, they recorded joke songs such as "Poontang Boomerang," "Gangbang At The Old Folks Home," "She's On The Rag," "Let Me Cum In," and "Weenie Ride."
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A few months back, Post Pink shared "You Real," the Baltimore band's first new material since their 2016 tape I Believe You, OK. The band is working on their first full-length, and today they've shared another new song called "Moon." It's a hypnotic drawl that alternates between whispers and exclamations, coiled around a tight drum…
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Drake's "God's Plan" is already the biggest hit of 2018: spending 11 weeks atop Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, accompanied by a viral hit video that in turn spawned a Jimmy Kimmel parody, and helping Scorpion go platinum immediately upon release. And now apparently the song will be the inspiration for a TV gameshow.
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Over the last week, Aphex Twin has been teasing something with mysterious advertisements and billboards placed in select cities around the world. Today, Richard D. James has officially announced the Collapse EP, which will be out 9/14 on Warp Records. It's five tracks long, and the first one that he's sharing is the…
Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza says they have no regrets about their 2017 self-titled album and says they “got paid in everything but financial currency”
Enter the exquisite realms of The Idolator from Horrendous' forthcoming album, Idol
Have AC/DC returned to the city where they made their last three albums? We examine the evidence
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